CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Construction of a wrapping unit

The central element of our wrapping machines is the wrapping unit.
We build the wrapping units in different sizes, adapted to the application and the dimensions of the products:

  • wrapping ring inner diameter from 290 mm to 3,590 mm (or larger)
  • intended for wrapping material widths from 30 mm to 500 mm

CircleLine Wrapping Machines: Ring Centering

By adjusting the wrapping unit in vertical and/or horizontal level, the wrapping ring axes can center themselves on the product cross sections and thus ensure an even load (tension) of the wrapping material. This guarantees a trouble-free packaging process and optimum packaging quality.

At the same time, the flexibility of the wrapping machine is exploited to the optimum.

Ring height adjustment single ring

Ring height adjustment single ring

Ring height adjustment double ring

Ring height adjustment double ring

ring side adjustment

ring side adjustment

Ring adjustment on inclined plane

Ring adjustment on inclined plane

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Presentation of the different roll changing systems

Depending on the application, our wrapping unit constructions enable the reel exchange of the wrapping material from the front or from the side.

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Wrapping material holder and cutter

We offer different systems which automatically grip and cut the wrapping material.

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Sealing unit

If films, e.g. PE stretch films, are used as wrapping material, these can be welded to the previously wrapped layers parallel to the cutting process.

For this purpose, a unit with a thermally heatable sealing wire swivels under the straight and smooth film. The material layers are melted together by a heating impulse.

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Film tensioning and stretching system

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you different systems that stretch the film during the wrapping process with the aim of achieving the desired wrapping result.

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Wrapping method

The wrapping rings can be equipped with one material reel system or with two material reel systems. This allows different wrapping processes:

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Control technology - manual, - semi-automatic or - fully automatic

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Wrapping programs

CircleLine-Wrapping machines: Conveying and guiding systems

We supply you with complete concepts, i.e. depending on your requirements, we offer you a wide range of conveyor systems that are tailored to your products and applications.

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