It is our endeavor, right from the development and design of our wrapping machines, to consistently ensure that they are both low-maintenance and service-friendly.

When selecting purchasing components, used in our wrapping machines, we always set a high quality standard and only use products from reputable suppliers. Please see our PDF Machine Standard Components List.

Standard Components List


Despite all measures, it must be expected that a malfunction may occur.

If this should happen, our qualified service team is always at hand for your demand to solve the problem as soon as possible.

You can reach our technical department during our office times:

Monday to Thursday
7:30 a.m. till 4:15 p.m.
7:30 a.m. till 1:15 p.m.
+49 5731 86001-0



Our own service technicians are available for any service calls.

Remote Maintenance Router

For complex machine systems, we recommend the usage of a Remote Maintenance Router in the electrical cabinet. This enables our service-technicians to connect directly to your machine control after your approval. This enables us to analyze in a targeted manner where there is an error in the machine process, what is causing this error and how it can be rectified.

In cooperation with your maintenance employees, the error is quickly and effectively eliminated.

Spare parts availability

We have a comprehensive storage of all necessary spare and wearing parts for our wrapping machines. With this we can guarantee a fast delivery in case of need.

Maintenance contracts / Maintenance intervales

Maintenance contracts

Regular maintenance of our wrapping machines prevents machine malfunctions and prevents undetected minor damage from turning into major damage.

Based on the operating conditions in your factory, we are able to offer you maintenance contracts which are tailored to the usage of your machines. Our experienced service-technicians inspect the machines in regular intervals at site and keep the machines in condition. Please see our PDF: Maintenance contract.

Maintenance contract

Certified electrical testings

- after a succesful inspection of your machine according to DGUV standards -

Certified electrical testing / DGUV

Our experts provide  long-term support for your company and help you eliminate electrical safety risks. A machine test consists of several individual tests. The product standard of the machine specifies the exact scope of the test to our technicians.

The machine test is considered to have been passed if no safety-relevant defects can be identified. In this case, we attach an inspection sticker to the respective machine, which provides information about when the last inspection took place. Please see our PDF: Certified electrical test.

Certified electrical test

Machinery rental

Rental and spare machines

Sometimes things have to be done quickly. We provide our customers with a wrapping machine at short notice to bridge waiting times or to help out at short notice in the event of capacity overloads.


Training of your employees

After the wrapping machine has been commissioned, we train your employees in the operation and maintenance of your machine. On request, we can also instruct your employees in the mechanical, electrical, control and pneumatic construction of the machine/plant.

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