Wrapper for long goods

In almost all branches of industry, commissions must be formed from long goods, moisture and dirt protection or surface protection must be produced. We supply a large number of standard as well as special machines for this application area, manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic wrapping machines.


Steel profiles, steel tubes, solid steel materials, non-ferrous metal profiles, non-ferrous metal tubes, solid non-ferrous metal materials, aluminium profiles, aluminium tubes, solid aluminium materials, stainless steel profiles, stainless steel tubes, solid stainless steel materials, plastic profiles, plastic tubes, solid plastic materials, construction profiles, baseboards, decorative mouldings, skirting boards, floor coverings, wall panelling pieces


Packaging of individual pieces, consignment preparation, surface protection, protection against dirt, protection against humidity


Lengthwise wrapping, closing on the face side, additional surface protection

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